digital collages

Digital colleges are my passion.

l love create collages since I discovered this technique during my studies in Rome. My preferred trimming subjects comes from nature, history, music and ballet. In each work I try to use a new creative trail, different colors, themes and fragments. The pictures can be read as a whole and in its details.

“Neve” – Krintantis sniegas – Neve Cadente…”Sta Nevicando”

Sulla punta delle dita…

a me Natale è sempre, mi chiedi perché, perché quando nevica…c’è il spirito della gioia e l’amore.

“Fashion is my passion”


“Cold Morning”

“Spring spice”

“Joyeux Noel_l’Amour”

“L’inverno sta arrivando”




…quando c’è il vento sempre arriva L’amore – R&M collage


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