meta design

The  “Information Islands” project made for ISIA

Information Islands are systems of interface panels. When you’re in a hurry, in the trip, at the airport, train station, using these info panels you can have all needed information about your flight or train travel. Also you can use wi-fi, email, share and transfer your data with other users.

It was part of the publication “Transition Town, Ipotesi urbana per un Design dell’inclusione”. presented at the XII Biennale di Architettura di Venezia-Padiglione Italia. This editing gathered some research and design experiences arising in the Master Course of the ISIA Rome Design, driven by Systemic approach. The Master Course had long played a careful reprocessing thought the conceptual paradigms of Design as we have know in modern times, coming to definition of a degree course, in “Design of Systems”.

The application of the decorative lamp “Ventuno” in public spaces

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